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Robert Jeffery


Painting in watercolor presents an interesting dichotomy.  On the one hand it is often dismissed as a leisurely outdoor activity for anyone with a pad of paper and a box of watercolors.  On the other hand, it is now recognized as a beautiful and responsive art form and one of the most difficult to master.


My subject matter and style of painting tends to include architectural details and historical references. Since my wife and I started traveling to Europe over 30 years ago, I have observed and photographed some amazing stonework, handcrafted tile, mosaics and old world artistry that would be difficult to reproduce today. I am constantly overwhelmed by the ingenuity, passion and creativity of the artists and artisans who have come before us.


I have earned Signature Status with the Minnesota Watercolor Society and was included in many local, national and international juried exhibitions. In 2017 I received a First Place - Watercolor Award from the Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Competition. Additional honors include the Arts in Harmony International Competition, Minnesota Watercolor Society, North Star Water Media National Competition, Ball State University, Kent State University, the Dubuque All Iowa Exhibition, the Dakota County Northern Lights Exhibition and the Hopkins Center for the Arts.

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